Search Engine Optimisation

We can optimise your website to help you achieve higher rankings.

Search engine optimisation, in general terms, involves improving your website and your web content to obtain better search rankings and therefore more visitors to your website.

We start with a free website audit that identifies how well your website is doing at the moment, and where it is going wrong. We then recommend what you should do to improve your site and fix the issues we identified.

Typical issues include:

  • Poor technical implementation of key website elements that are critical for SEO.
  • Website content that is poorly written, irrelevant to your message, or fails to include the keywords you want to rank for.
  • No internal linking between pages to show relationship between those pages.
  • Few inbound links of high quality.
  • Many inbound links of poor quality.

A lot of SEO repair work is technical, in the sense that it involves the way your website has been designed and structured by your web developer. If your website has been designed poorly from an SEO perspective, your website is unlikely to achieve high rankings compared to your competitors' websites. In this case, improvements will usually require changes to the structure of your website. In some extreme cases it may be easier to build a new website than fix up the existing one.

We evaluate each website we audit to determine whether you are better to repair or replace the website. In most cases, fixes should be done by your existing web developer, although you might want to question how they will put it right if they didn't get it right in the first place.

Once the technical side of things has been taken care of, the next big thing to work on will be the content on the website. Content is king. We can provide advice on what needs improving, and how to improve your content. We can also provide copywriting services to fix existing content and write new content that will bring a dramatic improvement in your website rankings in Google.

If your website isn't performing well in Google, and you want to change that, then call us today on 07 281 1041, or email us via our contact form. Our free website audit will quickly identify what needs to be done, so we can work together to improve your website rankings.