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Online Marketing Services

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Online marketing is the process by which you promote your website online for the purpose of increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to your website.

We help you to develop and execute an online marketing strategy that combines a range of online marketing tools, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising (Google AdWords) content marketing, social media and email marketing.

We make sure this mix is appropriate for your business and for the audience you're trying to reach. Just as every business is different, so too is every marketing strategy we develop.

How we develop an online marketing strategy for your business

We take a measured approach to marketing your business online. It's easy to blow a lot of money on the wrong marketing tactics, and have little or nothing to show for it. We prefer to take the time to get the marketing plan right, and then execute according to that plan, rather than rushing in and making the wrong choices.

  • First, we review your goals for your business, and how your website can help achieve those goals.
  • We then evaluate how well your website is delivering on those goals today, and identify a list of ways in which it could be made more effective.
  • We also learn about your customers - who they are, what they want and what makes them tick. If we don't know what motivates your customers, we can't help you attract them.
  • From there, we look at the best ways to reach those customers, and come up with one or more recommendations on how best to reach those customers.
  • We then agree with you which recommendations to implement, a budget and timeframe for doing so, and a series of goals against which the marketing plan will be evaluated. We also implement a measurement strategy so that we can both determine how well we are progressing against the goals we agreed.

Our goal when we are doing this is simple: we want to help your business be more successful. We recommend certain strategies because we believe they will help us do that for you, not because it means more money for us. We'd much rather leave money on the table than sell you a service that won't deliver what you want - that just makes us look bad, and for a much shorter relationship than we would like.

If you are interested in having us help you develop and execute an effective online marketing strategy for your business, then give us a call today on 07 281 1041.

Online Marketing Services we offer

The following list outlines the general categories of activity that can be called "online marketing" today, and which we will consider when we develop your marketing strategy.

Website Audit

We start with a free audit of your website that can take anywhere from 1-4 hours to complete. If your website isn't performing, our website audit will identify what's working, what's not, and what you need to do about it. You'll get a document that summarises our findings and recommends what you should do next.

The reason we do this audit for free is because we can't make any sensible recommendations about what you need to do without reviewing your website first. There's no obligation, although we do expect you to be prepared to meet with us so we can present the results of the audit.

You can apply for your free website audit here.

Website Boot Camp

Most websites we are asked to audit have got problems. In fact, all of them do. There is no such thing as a perfect website.

The purpose of the Website Boot Camp is to fix your website's most pressing problems, i.e. those that are affecting your website's performance the most.

Common problems we fix during the Boot Camp include:

  • Broken links or missing images.
  • Poorly written content (including content with spelling or grammar errors).
  • Missing or poorly-optimised meta tags (meta tags tell search engines what your pages are about)
  • Slow performance
  • Poor site structure (pages not well organised, navigation hard to follow)
  • Poor internal linking structure
  • Poor conversion funnels (or no conversion funnels at all)

That said, every Website Bootcamp we run is different because every website has a different set of problems that need attention first.

The Boot Camp is usually the first piece of paid work we do for our customers. It only costs $299+GST, and gives us both a chance to work together on a small project, whilst guaranteeing you a significant and measurable outcome for your investment. Call us today on 07 281 1041 to find out more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Search engine optimisation, in general terms, involves improving your website and your web content to obtain better search rankings and therefore more visitors to your website.

A lot of SEO work is technical, in the sense that it involves the way your website has been designed and structured. The Website Boot Camp is usually the first phase of an SEO campaign, and is often followed by an ongoing cycle of measure/analyse/improve.

SEO improvements will usually require changes to your website. We will need admin access to your website in order to make the necessary changes to your website. If your website is poorly-designed for SEO, it may need to be rebuilt, although we try to avoid this unless it's absolutely necessary.

In many cases, SEO involves a large one-off effort to get your website into shape, followed over time by regular checks to make sure that everything is working as it should. These checks are normally over quickly and therefore don't require a lot of ongoing investment from you unless you are in a particularly competitive market and need to stay on top of your game.

Read more about our SEO services here.

Content marketing.

Content Marketing is the process of writing good and relevant content that will appeal to your potential customers. A website with good and unique content that is relevant to its audience will, over time, achieve higher search engine rankings than websites that have poor content. Not only that but, unlike other techniques listed here, it tends to have the longest-lasting effect on your website traffic. It is a slow burner, but once it catches fire, it's hard to stop.

This is our preferrred method of online marketing. We've repeatedly seen the benefit of writing good website content in attracting high quality website visitors that keep coming back, month in and month out, long after you paid for it. It's also clear that it is consistent with Google's long-standing guidelines for achieving high rankings in its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Content marketing involves writing new content for your website on a regular basis over a long period of time. Our content marketing services are usually priced based on the following:

  • how often we write content for you (we recommend one or two new pages of content per month
  • The technical depth required of that content (the more technical the content, the more likely it is that it is unique and valuable for your prospective customers)
  • The length of the contract we sign with you (the minimum is either 3 months or 6 pages of content, but the longer the contract the less you pay per page).

As well as writing new content for you, we also track and report on how that content performs in search engines, and how effective it is at bringing in new traffic - this is also factored into our pricing.

Content marketing is something a lot of customers need convincing on, since it requires a longer-term investment than any other option here. If you're interested but need to know more, why not phone us on 07 281 1041 - we'll tell you how we used content marketing to grow a website from 2,000 visitors per month to 200,000 visitors per month in just two years. 

Google AdWords (Pay Per Click advertising).

These days it seems that most businesses with a website have had a call or visit out of the blue from someone offering to "get your website to the top of the front page on Google".

These people are selling Google AdWords, a method of online advertising where your ads are shown to people who are likely to be interested in them. When someone clicks your ad, they are taken to your website - and you pay for the click, hence the name Pay Per Click advertising. The cost of the click depends on how competitive your industry is, and can range from 50c up to $50 - per click. The agency will also charge you a management fee for creating and administering your online advertising campaign.

The problem is that most of these agencies are only interested in the management fee they can charge you. They'll show you all sorts of metrics to prove what a good job they're doing - but they won't talk about what really matters - how many leads or sales were generated by those ads. 

We don't work that way. In fact, we often discourage customers from using Google AdWords, because we know that it will be a waste of money for them.

On the other hand, if you are able to put a value on leads or sales from your website, PPC advertising can be like printing money, provided you have tools in place for measuring the amount of traffic generated by PPC advertising, and the number of leads that are generated from those visits. We can help you put those tools in place, so that we we do run Google AdWords campaigns for you, we are both able to assess how effective they are at driving traffic to your website.

Link Building.

Links to your website are used by search engines as a measure of your website's reputation. Obtaining a large number of inbound links used to be the goal of link building campaigns. Some link building agencies set up networks of dummy website with the specific purpose of providing customers with more inbound links to their website.

Now, quality, rather than quantity, of inbound links is critical. Google is able to spot these "link farms" and either ignores the inbound links they provide, or penalises the recipients.

Make no mistake - if you can get good quality links from related websites with high domain ranking (a measure of credibility and authority), then you should. But while such links remain important, there are other online marketing activities that tend to be more rewarding in terms of time/money spent compared to benefit gained.

We don't actively engage in link building activities for our customers, except through the generate of unique content that people like reading and subsequently link to.

Email marketing.

Email marketing is a simple way of driving traffic to your website:

  • Create or obtain a database or prospects (being careful not to break any privacy laws)
  • Write and send an email to the people in that database (or a segment of people within the database), making sure to include links to various pages on your website.
  • Track the visits to your website from those people who clicked those links.
  • Send more emails to people based on the links that they clicked.

The best thing about email marketing is that the conversion rate of people from email marketing tends to be higher than from any other online marketing method - because you're marketing to people who already know you and/or your brand, and they are therefore more likely to engage with you.

We help our customers prepare and execute email marketing campaigns, including all of the steps listed above. We can take care of the whole process on your behalf, or we can help you get started and then provide ongoing training and consultancy until you're ready to go it alone.

Social Media

We are somewhat sceptical when it comes to social media as way of increasing your website traffic, particularly for businesses who sell to other businesses (B2B).

  • In most cases, social media simply isn't going to make enough of an impact to justify a signficant budget for social media marketing.
  • Not only that, but we see a lot of businesses wasting time and money on social media marketing whilst ignoring other online marketing channels with far greater untapped potential. In most cases, they should spend their time and money on those channels instead of social media.

That said, we always evaluate the potential for social media as part of every marketing plan we develop for our customers.

Related Activities

Every marketing strategy needs to take two additional things into account if any of these online marketing activities are to pay dividends:

  • Website Analytics. This is where you measure what's happening on your website, and - more importantly - whether your online marketing is working. We won't lift a finger in an online marketing campaign for you unless we have access to your web statistics (usually Google Analytics). In a nutshell, you need to have Google Analytics installed on your website; without this, we are both flying blind. Worse - we aren't able to show you whether we're doing a good job - or a bad job. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. You'll should be able to measure the number and rate of conversions on your website. You'll need website analytics in order to do this effectively. Once you know that, you need to be able to measure and then optimise how well your online marketing campaign is working to increase your website conversions. From there, you can make on-site changes to improve your conversion rate - and then measure the results of those changes. In an ideal world, this becomes a virtuous circle where you test, measure and then tune your website.

Here's an example of why these two activities are important.

  • One of our customers had a web page on their site that was generating a considerable number of visits, as a result of that page ranking highly in Google for certain keywords.
  • This was good, from a content marketing point of view. More traffic is good, right?
  • The reality was, however, that a high percentage of the visitors to that page bounced (left without visiting another page on the site). This is bad - clearly the page was bringing in visitors that weren't interested in what that business had to offer. In a sense, the content marketing strategy was missing the mark - which is something that the website analytics had helped us identify. 
  • In addition, the conversion rate for that page was terrible. It's possible that we could have done something to encourage more visitors to that page to convert (i.e. fill in the contact form, or make a call).
  • In the end, we killed the page instead - we decided that even if we could increase that page's conversion rate, it was unlikely those conversions would turn in to real, paying customers.

There are a couple of key lessons here.

  1. First, getting lots of traffic isn't always a good thing, if your visitors are not interested in what you offer.
  2. Second, you can spend a lot of time chasing the wrong metrics. Taking time to figure out what you really want to achieve means that you are able to make more informed, and sensible decisions that will help you drive more targeted traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads or sales.

And finally ....

We take pride in helping our customers to develop and execute effective marketing plans that help grow their business in a measurable and repeatable way.

If you'd like to find out more about what it's like to work with us, why not get in touch - there is no obligation, and we'll gladly help you to figure out how best to leverage the internet to get more business. Simply call us today on 07 281 1041 to start the conversation!