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If you've got a Wordpress website or WooCommerce online store and your current web developer won't answer the phone, perhaps it's time for a change? We can help. We regularly take over the maintenance and support of existing WordPress websites, and migration is free.

Over the years, we have seen many Wordpress web developers in Tauranga come and go. When they go, they often leave their clients in the lurch.

  • Maybe they promise to fix things, and never follow through.
  • Perhaps they just stop answering the phone when you call.
  • Or worse - they answer the phone and then talk to you using technical terms that you don't understand.
  • And then there's our favourite - they head off on their OE promising to answer your emails in the evenings when they get there, and then ... nothing.

The bad news is - once they've gone, you're probably up the creek without a paddle. You can't get stuff done, so you can't move forward with growing your business online. Or, worse, you find out your website has been hacked and there's no-one to sort it out for you.

We are here to help. We can take over the hosting and ongoing management of your Wordpress website from your existing web developer, and give it the love that it needs. We've already done this for a number of businesses across New Zealand, and the number is growing all the time.

Our WordPress Maintenance service includes the following:

  • Free migration to our secure Wordpress hosting services
  • Update of your WordPress software and associated plugins to the latest version (old software is a major reason Wordpress websites get hacked).
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Regular, timely software updates to keep you safe going forward.
  • Additional steps to ensure your site remains secure.
  • Performance optimisation - making your site fast (Google loves fast websites)
  • SEO audit to help you figure out where your site needs work
  • Weekly rank tracking reports that show where you rank for your primary keywords
  • Daily backups of your Wordpress data.
  • Ongoing support so you can make the most of your website to grow your business!

Once we have taken over the hosting and maintenance of your website, we will then be able to make any changes or upgrades that you need, whether that be design changes, functionality improvements or additions, or SEO fixes to help your site rank better in Google search results.

What's the catch?

The only catch is that we reserve the right to be able to review your website before we take it on.

Some of the websites we have been asked to manage in the past have been beyond saving - so the quickest route is sometimes to start from scratch. However, we never make that recommendation lightly, and will always discuss all the options with you.

How does it work?

Once we agree to take on your website, we will then handle as much of the migration process as we can - we'll even deal with your existing web developer on your behalf if you want us to. That said, we can often handle the migration without needing their help, so all you have to do is break the news to them that you've moved on!

However, if you need to talk to your existing web developers, we will provide you with the right wording to use so they understand exactly what you need from them.

Our goal is to complete the migration as quickly and as painfully as possible, so you can move on with growing your business!


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If you're not happy with your current WordPress developer and are looking for a change, why not give us a call today on 07 281 1041, or fill in our contact form on this page. We'll be happy to discuss how we can help you move forward and grow your business in 2018.

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