Real Estate Websites with RealNZ Integration

If you are from a real estate agency in New Zealand, then chances are you are reading this because you need a new website that will provide integration with RealNZ. The good news is, we can help without needing to develop an expensive custom solution from scratch.

RealNZ provides a solution that allows you to enter your property information in one place, and then have it sent to multiple portals, such as TradeMe and your website. The advantage to you is that you don't have to type the same property information into multiple systems.

However, integration with a website is a complex and tricky process. There are no off-the-shelf website solutions on the market, so you'll need a custom solution. 

At Millionleaves, we offer a flexible solution that simplifies the integration process. Our platform comes with much of the integration already designed and built, meaning you don't have to pay for a fully custom solution, and we can get you up and running faster.

Key features include:

  • Complete website solution with full integration with the RealNZ feed.
  • Support any property type and as many property fields from RealNZ as you need.
  • Import and update agent profiles from RealNZ, including links from agent profiles to their properties.
  • Flexible search facility so customers can find properties by name, property ID, price range, beds, baths, etc.
  • Regular import of new and updated data (hourly by default) so that your website stays current and accurate.
  • No need to edit property information on the website - simply update the property in the RealNZ platform and it will be updated on the website within an hour.
  • The ability to override individual property feeds, if required.
  • The option to flag properties with open homes scheduled.
  • Keep sold properties available for viewing on the site for a period of time and then remove them automatically.

Relevant work

Crockford Real Estate - website by Millionleaves

Crockford Real Estate

Drupal web development and hosting. Fully-automated RealNZ integration.

If you need a website with RealNZ into your website that doesn't cost a fortune, the next step is to give us a call on 07 281 1041 to discuss your requirements in more detail. There is no obligation - we'll talk you through your requirements and help you decide whether our solution is the best one for you.

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