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Blogging is an important part of the content marketing strategy for any business website. A well-written blog that is updated regularly with relevant content is the best way for you to establish an online advantage over your competitors. Your blog should establish your credibility by demonstrating your experience and your knowledge in your chosen field of expertise. We tell all of our customers they should have a blog because it brings in traffic that they simply won't get with the regular "marketing" content on their website. In some cases we even write their blog for them.

So, here is our blog. Our experience is that it does all of the things mentioned in the previous paragraph. Call us if you need help getting your blog off the ground.

Three easy ways to increase your website traffic

Every business owner would like their website to generate more business for them. But the process of improving your website to increase traffic and conversions can be daunting to the point where it's sometimes easier to just ignore the problem and work on other things in your business instead. Yet it can be surprisingly easy to achieve better results from your website if you follow the following three steps. This isn't all you could do, but if you start with these basics then you'll be making a huge step in the right direction.