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10 reasons why Drupal + Drupal Commerce is the best solution for an integrated ecommerce platform

Drupal Commerce - an integrated CMS and shopping cart

Drupal Commerce is built from the ground up to integrate with Drupal, which makes it hard to beat when comparing it with dedicated ecommerce platforms such as Magento or Prestashop.

Why? Because changes to Google's algorithms over the past 18 months (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird) have placed Content Marketing front and centre of your online marketing strategy. This means that any serious ecommerce solution must incorporate a robust content management system if it is to provide a platform for ongoing success.

Going forward, standalone platforms such as Magento or Prestashop are simply not going to cut it unless you can somehow integrate them with a decent content management system.

The problem with trying to integrate two separate platforms in this way is that any extensions to these platforms tend to be bolt-ons rather than fully-fledged content management systems. As a result, they aren't as functional as they need to be, and you end up having to do a lot of work to get the two platforms to look the same and play nicely together.

What you really need is a platform where the CMS and the ecommerce platform are on an equal footing. For this reason, I always recommend Drupal plus Drupal Commerce as the best solution for any ecommerce platform I'm asked to work develop.

With that in mind, here are ten reasons why you should be shortlisting Drupal Commerce for your new ecommerce development, or ecommerce re-platform:

  1. Drupal is an awesome content management and online marketing platform. Drupal Commerce is integrated into Drupal at the deepest level and takes advantage of all the power that Drupal has to offer. This ensures that both users and customers have a seamless experience when using your ecommerce website.
  2. Development time is less (compared to a two-platform system) since there is no need to develop and maintain a custom integration between two separate systems.
  3. There is also no need to develop two separate versions of your visual templates, and no need to manually configure the CMS with information about products held in the ecommerce store, such as you might need to do when building a landing page on the site that should feature both content and featured products.
  4. Ongoing management and maintenance of a Drupal Commerce site is easier since there is only one set of tools for your team to learn (not to mention that Drupal's management tools are flexible and highly configurable for just about any administration task you might have in mind).
  5. SEO, CRO (conversion rate optimization) and website analytics are much easier to control because you only have to work with one system, not two. Optimizing the customer journey is much easier because it’s all one journey, not two journeys with a bridge.
  6. Drupal Commerce's order management tools are part of the same administration toolset found in the CMS, so you can view, manage and update orders on the website, and send update notifications via the website (so that the correspondence relating to the order is all kept in once place, which allows an audit trail to be created).
  7. Reporting and analytics tools that allow you to view how many visitors the website is receiving, the rate at which those visitors convert into paying customers, and statistics relating to order value and frequency.
  8. Drupal offers granular user and role management which you can use to control access to functionality within both the CMS and the online store, as well as controlling the features available to your customers.
  9. Drupal offers a range of powerful community features that allow you to engage more deeply with your customers, which can help drive repeat sales and higher lifetime customer value.
  10. Drupal is able to integrate with external systems via a RESTful API, meaning that you can complement or extend the functionality found in Drupal and Drupal Commerce with third-party systems. Drupal's Feeds module also allows you to import content from external systems.
  11. Drupal Commerce is free. Unlike the Magento and WordPress communities, the concept of "premium" plugins or modules that you have to pay for doesn't really exist in the Drupal community. That doesn't mean that Drupal modules aren't well supported - quite the opposite. The Drupal community is one of the best we've participated in.

It's difficult to do justice to Drupal in only ten points (or eleven - I couldn't resist sneaking an extra point in), but these should give you an idea of why Drupal is the best solution when developing an integrated ecommerce platform.


Drupal lover, me too. In fact, I am using Magento for several years and Magento is good. But I am not only consider Drupal. I ever considering Joomla, Wordpress also. At last, I decide to use Drupal for website.

Considering online shop, Magento have two version, which is not my like and I know Drupal is more friendly and I will develop Drupal online shop also soon.


Drupal or+ Drupal the best CMS platform around when you want to build fast, effective online marketing and selling platforms. Drupal offers a powerful and flexible environment that allows to deliver effective, usable website solutions faster and better than other platforms, without compromising on our ability to extend those solutions in the future. We don't have to pay extra to get extra modules/plugins/extensions - not even for Drupal Commerce, our preferred ecommerce development platform.

Virinchi Softwa...

We are Drupal Development company. Most of my client asking about security on drupal. Every time we told them, believe on drupal and give them example of whitehouse website.

Drupal is awesome for all kind of business. 

Thanks for the sharing. if anyone put any question about drupal, i will refer your link. :)



we are looking to invest in an commerce site, are their any issues with Drupal in terms of volumes, multiple currency, languages etc? We may extend it to be full client portal accessing self service reports direct from MS Nav, is Drupal suitable.



David Parrott

Hi Iain

Drupal Commerce can handle multiple currencies and languages without any problems. It'll also handle tax for different locations as well. Not sure what you mean by volumes - traffic? number of products? stock management?

Traffic - Drupal scales well to handle large volumes of users (example:

Number of products - No problem. There are Drupal sites with millions of pages (example:

Stock management - there is a stock API for Drupal Commerce that you can use or extend as you see fit. Given that you're using NAV, you may want to create your own stock module that leverages the Stock API. Drupal also has various ways for interchanging data with other systems so I don't imagine you'll have any problems. You might find this video helpful - it shows an integration between Drupal Commerce and Dynamics GP - I realise GP isn't NAV, but this gives you a good idea of how an integration with Drupal Commerce might work.

In terms of extending Drupal to provide a client portal, the short answer is - yes, you could do this with Drupal. The question will be what that should look like and how complex will the integration with NAV need to be.

I hope that helps - feel free to post any further questions you may have.




Thanks David, that's some useful info. Appreciated. 



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If you have any questions about how suitable Drupal Commerce might be for your specific requirements, or if you'd like to suggest another ecommerce platform, as either an alternative or as a better choice, then feel free to add a comment below.